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Dog Obedience Classes – Doggie Bootcamp. Let our trainers train your dog for you. Perfect for those too busy to train the dog themselves. …
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Emma is amazing!!! � Couldn’t recommend highly enough! Our little Phoebe is already different in all the right ways! � Cost: $100 (Please note: All dogs must be up to date with C5 vaccinations)
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Keep your dog or puppy happy, healthy and safe. Password You have not entered a password To check the availability of Urban Puppy School (Available in Carindale only) click here. To Enrol in Urban Puppy School click here URBAN… read more
Choosing a compatible breed/dog Awards we’ve won Cost: $200 plus GST for a customised 90-minute consult. Subsequent 60-minute sessions are $100 plus GST
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The appropriate rewards for best results Make a difference in an animals life today! Dog Harnesses When you bring a new puppy into your home there will be a period of adjustment. Your goals are to help your puppy to quickly bond to his/her new family, and to minimise the stress associated with leaving his/her mother, litter mates, and former home. If there are already dogs in the new home the transition may be a little easier as the puppy is able to identify with his/her own kind. Obtaining two puppies would be another option. However, most puppies, especially those obtained before 12 weeks of age, will form attachments almost immediately to the people and any other pets in the new home, provided that there are no unpleasant consequences associated with each new person and experience.
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Bookings can be made online click here to book. If you do not have access to a computer please contact us on 0418 886 698.
Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age View the Video of Ricky Lee In addition to excelling at pet dog training, we also pride ourselves on being friendly, welcoming and approachable. Our Melbourne dog school trainers are available to discuss any dog training or dog behaviour issues you wish and will listen patiently to everything you have to say. You are also guaranteed to speak directly to a dog trainer every time you call us.
OMG I can’t believe how much of a difference one session made to us and our dog! I can’t believe we were even ab…le to take her off the lead and walk without constantly pulling on the lead…
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Certificate II in Engineering Seasonal Messages Naomi Murray Jumping – All About Animals TV Show – Episode 3 George visited us at home to help us with our young rescue pup, who is very excitable around other dogs and people. Usually he starts barking and pulling when another dog comes into view on our walks,… but in our first session we walked our dog into a cafe’s outdoor area, where there were 3 other dogs, and ours was silent and calm! We would never have believed it if we didn’t see it. We are now getting ready for our first beach visit. So glad to see that simple techniques, applied consistently, can create such a marked improvement so quickly. I would have no hesitation in recommending George for dog behavioural training. See more
Wait at gate/door Name I loved this story and how the puppies play a big part in it all! I think that this program may be of help to other people. Thank you BTN!!
Tracking Trials – – – – FREE Indicator Tools – – – – Next Signup Day Group classes are a great way to teach your dog manners, basic obedience and how to respond to commands. They give you an opportunity to learn how to handle your dog in an environment that you need the most control, around other people and other dogs. Classes are offered at several locations throughout the Brisbane area.
Fisheries In considering the natural behaviours of specific breeds of dogs, it is possible to train them to perform specialised, highly useful, tasks. For example, Labrador retrievers are the favoured breed for the detection of explosives. This is because of a combination of factors including their food drive which enables them to keep focused on a task despite noise and other distractions. Most working breeds of dogs are able to be trained to find people with their sense of smell (as opposed to their sense of sight). Cocker Spaniels are able to be trained as part of a termite detection team. Their relatively small size enables them to fit into small spaces, and their light weight allows them to walk on areas of ceiling which would be dangerous to anything heavier. In fact, although unusual, termite detection dogs are much more reliable at detecting termites than humans who rely on a basic system of tapping and listening. Because of their ability to learn signals by sight and for their energetic and athletic natures, German Shepherds are able to be trained for work alongside search and rescue teams and human apprehension teams.[79]
Jump up ^ Hutchinson 2005, p.11. Boarding your dog Methods of payment This is a 6 week course that will run for 45 minutes either on Thursday evenings.
Mel Clements Specialist Trainers Urban Agilty for Beginners Many applications for this course. I want to know if you can send me one? Thanks?
The first week of your training course will feature a 2 hour dog information session without your dog Dog Foods
[email protected] When will you be able to trust your puppy to wander loose throughout the home? Email: admin@redgumvet.com.au Foster Care Teach him on “dog time.” Puppies and dogs live in the moment. Two minutes after they’ve done something, it’s forgotten about. When he’s doing something bad, try your chosen training technique right away so he has a chance to make the association between the behavior and the correction. Consistent repetition will reinforce what’s he’s learned.
Watch us on YouTube Café practice Jump up ^ Schilder, Matthijs B.H.; Joanne A.M. van der Borg (2004). “Training dogs with help of the shock collar: short and long term behavioral effects”. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. 85 (3): 319–334. doi:10.1016/j.applanim.2003.10.004.
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Training a puppy to sit The SDS Difference 3.2 Classical conditioning
To check the availability of Urban Essential Puppy School (Available in Carindale only) click here and scroll to the bottom. To Enrol… read more
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At SitDropStay puppy training consultant will come to your home to help you create a training system that is tailored to your puppy’s specific personality traits, habits and temperament. You are in control each step of the way and get to decide how YOU want your dog to fit into your lifestyle.
Go to mat and settle Dogs: The Woof Works 6 Individualized and/or class training How can you teach a puppy to signal that it needs to go out to eliminate?
Dog Training 08088 | Read Our Reviews Here Dog Training 08088 | Simple and Effective Solutions Dog Training 08088 | Solutions That Work

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    Training should be fun for both you and your dog. Our programs are developed around “force free, positive reinforcement” training – which reinforces and enhances the learning thereby achieving the results of a well-mannered dog.
    Puppy School is a must not a maybe for all puppies from 8 weeks of age as supported by the AVA (Australian Veterinarian Association)  and renowned Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Kersti Seksel. 
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  2. In 1965, John Paul Scott and John Fuller identified the critical periods for learning and social development in puppies, and published Genetics and the Social Behavior of the Dog, a landmark study of dog behavior.[24]
    Orientation sessions are held in our facility at Hays Paddock, Kew East or our new venue at 32 Greenaway St, Bulleen
    Positive Response Dog Training
    Jump up ^ Bailey, R. E.; J. A. Gillaspy, Jr. (2005). “Operant Psychology Goes to the Fair: Marian and Keller Breland in the Popular Press, 1947–1966”. The Behavior Analyst. 28 (2): 143–159. PMC 2755380 . PMID 22478446.
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    No-pull harness The no-pull harness is worn on the body of the animal. The no-pull harness differs significantly from the standard harness since it makes it harder for the dog to pull because it distributes energy over the dog’s back and shoulders. Like the head collar, the no-pull harness does not teach the dog not to pull, it only makes it harder for the dog to pull.
    Jump up ^ Pongrácz, Péter; Á. Miklósi; E. Kubinyi; K. Gurobi; J. Topál; V. Csanyi (2001). “Social learning in dogs: the effect of a human demonstrator on the performance of dogs (Canis familiaris) in a detour task”. Animal Behaviour. 62 (6): 1109–1117. doi:10.1006/anbe.2001.1866.
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    You must commit to the 6 consecutive weeks of training – We do not offer refunds for missed classes and the making up of lessons at another date is only offered under extreme circumstances

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    Before taking any action, take a look at our Barking Solutions® pack which lays out a clear process to aid resolution of a barking dog problem.

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