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Canine Dimensions. 2018. All Rights Reserved. Sitemap. Privacy Policy. Between the ages of 12 and 15 weeks is the perfect time to enroll your pal in a puppy training class. These introductory classes are usually a mix of basic training and socialization. Your pup will begin to learn important commands and good behaviors, like how to walk properly on a leash. Most classes also include confidence-building exercises, like running through a tunnel or jumping over a hurdle. And of course, the ever important playtime — many classes offer your pup a chance to run around and meet new friends. Make sure that any class you enroll in is positive and not punishment-based.
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Kyjen (1) Litter Box Training for Rabbits Do not go for a walk. Walk around on the same spot so she does not get distracted by new smells, things to see, noises etc all the time.
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In Potty Training, Puppy Training 7 Puppy Training Tips to Make You a Master Trainer Featured Announcements This also trains you to see that accidents are not the dogs fault. If the dog is leashed to you/in the same room as you, and still having accidents, then there’s no way you can be angry at the dog, because you are not paying enough attention!  Being angry at your dog or punishing him just for relieving himself (no matter if you consider it to be in the ‘wrong’ place) is detrimental to his learning, and your relationship with him, so this is an important part of the process.
If you allow access to your entire home right away, your puppy won’t see it as one big place, but lots of separate and entirely different places. Walk your puppy on the lead along pavements in quiet streets, building up to busy traffic areas.
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Don’t be too tactile. It’s hard to resist giving your puppy a stroke but, where possible, you should try to use touch as a reward action for your puppy. “A pat or a cuddle is a reward to a dog,” explains Beck. “So if you show physical affection when your puppy is misbehaving it will think that type of behaviour is acceptable and may repeat it to generate another cuddle.”
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Carrie Roberts says The Grounds Silken Windhound 38 min read Housesoiling is also a temporal problem: either the puppy is in the wrong place at the right time (confined indoors with full bladder and bowels), or the puppy is in the right place at the wrong time (outdoors in the yard or on a walk, but with empty bladder and bowels).
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Future of Art Family Pets: playing, getting familiar with their environment, some puppies start taking puppy classes
After drinking Still, housebreaking begins the day you bring your puppy home. Praising your Puppy’s Behavior The Studio Staying outside longer with puppy may help to curb accidents. He may need the extra time to explore.
Let’s go! If your dog does not have access to outside, you can train them to use newspaper or wee pads. Praise them with lots of affection when the newspaper is used and ignore them when it’s not. Be careful not to get in the habit of praising with food treats, because you run the risk of overfeeding. Puppies go to toilet around 12 times a day, and sometimes even more! If you want to retrain them to go outside at a later date then over time, move the newspapers towards the door and then out into the garden. Take a small piece of soiled paper outside, as the puppy recognises its own unique scent and will want to reinforce it.
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